Woman’s Pet Cat Trapped in Storage Facility, Facility Workers Refuse to Help!

AUSTRALIA – Drennan has spent the last 24 hours in a camp chair right in front of the Gympie storage facility.

She sustains her vigil in the hope that her cat, whose name is Talloula, will find her way out of the sheds where she has been trapped since Monday.

Ms. Drennan was moving house on Monday morning and shifted a good portion of her belongings into the storage facility.

Her friend was taking care of Talloula temporarily, while Ms. Drennan was between permanent accommodation.

Ms. Drennan explained that Talloula’s cage was old and in need of replacing, and she believes at some point the cat managed to escape and bolted towards the sheds.

The friend then accidentally fetched the wrong cage to take with her, further confusing events.

Once the shed was closed and the move was completed, Ms. Drennan had no idea anything was amiss.

It wasn’t until late that she returned to the shed and that’s when she heard a cat mewling.

She called her friend, who finally admitted Talloula had gone missing.

“She said she didn’t know how to tell me,” Ms. Drennan said.

Talloula was not in Ms Drennan’s shed, and all the other sheds remain locked by the renters.

“I thought, holy dooley, what do I do?” Ms. Drennan said.

Police and firefighters told Ms. Drennan that they can’t step in to extract Talloula until the cat can be heard to be in severe distress.

But Ms. Drennan explained every time someone rattled a storage shed door, Talloula falls silent, likely terrified.

She went on to say that Talloula was a rescue cat who had been mistreated by previous owners and was distrustful of strangers as a result.

Ms. Drennan, just today, approached the facility’s off-site manager but was quite dissatisfied with their response.

She claims the managers were reluctant to contact all the storage shed holders so the sheds could be unlocked and searched.

“Everyone’s too busy,” she stated.

She said she will continue her watch out for Talloula at the facility, and is extremely worried over the cat’s health.

“She has a heart condition,” Ms Drennan stated.

“I have a heart condition, I don’t need this stress.”