Man Rescues Tiny Calico Kitten – She Falls Asleep in His Truck!

A young man found a calico kitten on the side of the road in an area that was completely surrounded by woods. He figured that someone had either dumped the kitten there or the mother had simply abandoned it. Either way, he decided to rescue the kitten and get it the proper treatment that it needed.

He managed to get the kitten into his truck, and it even climbed up on his shoulder as he was driving. Once he got it home, she seemed to settle right in. The following day was the big day at the vet’s to get her flea problem addressed.

Everything must have been stressful for the poor kitten because as soon as they got back home, the kitten fell fast asleep.

Just take a look at these heart-warming photos!

 “I think I’ll just fall asleep right here!

“Look, everyone! I found myself my own loving human!

“Oh, so comfy!”

“Can I live here forever with you, mister?”