Man Sacrifices His Own Car and Risks His Own Life To Save One Special Cat

First, a cat lover jumped into a river to save a kitten, but the rescue wasn’t over there. He also had his Mercedes dismantled after the little feline climbed into his car to hide.

This cat loving man (from Taiwan) said he stopped his vehicle and saw a kitten stuck up in a high tree along the side of a bridge. When he tried to climb up the tree to rescue the kitten, the cat zoomed away and fell into the river beneath.

The man then jumped into the river to save the kitten from drowning. The panicked stricken and soaked kitten ran from her rescuer, quickly climbing up inside the engine of his Mercedes to hide. No matter how the man and other rescuers tried, the kitten wouldn’t come out.

The determined man then had his car towed to the nearest dealership to have his engine dismantled so that they could free the kitty inside.

Just about the entire cat had to be taken apart at the dealership.

Once he kitten was freed, she was dried off, fed and taken to the vet.

When asked about all the time and effort Joe put into rescuing one kitten he just shrugged and said, “the real effort would be convincing his girlfriend to let him keep it.”

According to updates man DID end up adopting the kitten and bringing her home.

Watch the dramatic video of the man having his Mercedes dismantled to free trapped kitty.

Try as you may, kitties, you can’t escape the love of us cat people.