A Kitty with a Mustache? Yes, Please!

Cat fans gotta love the Internet. There are pics of cats everywhere you look online, with whole websites dedicated to felines as well. And, they’re all cute! Well, at least Gringo is. Gringo is a French cat who lives with Roman and Sabrine. The cat has one of the most popular Instagram pages right now with more than 20,000 followers. If you’re wondering why, it’s because the British shorthair sports a mustache! That’s right – Gringo has an adorable mustache you just can’t stop looking at!

Gringo’s Instagram account isn’t for him only. Sabrine and Roman have another cat called Milko who’s Gringo’s best buddy. The two spend their days together and all their shenanigans are posted online. Gringo is the real star of the account, though, so you’ll get plenty of adorable pics like this.

Or this.

How about this one?

However, it’s not just Gringo with an Instagram account. Milko has one as well, although not many people know of it. Lacking a mustache, Milko is not as popular as his buddy, but still has quite a lot of adorable pics.

How about those eyes?

If you’re in love with Milko’s eyes or Gringo’s adorable mustache, check out their Instagram accounts. After all, looking at cats online is never boring.