Three Blind Cats Find True Friendship With Two Rescued Pit Bulls!

Faithful Friends Animal Society, located in Delaware, USA, is a private, nonprofit animal welfare organization that has a No Kill shelter. Helen the cat had severe glaucoma and Bruce and Willis are two kittens that had to have their eyes removed due to infection.

The Stewarts happily share their home with two rescued Pit bulls and on arrival, the two dogs immediately took on the role of fostering and began to care for the three cats who needed time to adjust to their new life.

“They kind of act like surrogate moms,” Sherry Stewart stated. “They seemed to have sensed they need little extra TLC.”

Helen adjusted quite quickly to being blind. Her recovery was helped along by the two Pit bulls, but she really thrived when she bonded with another foster cat named Hubbell.

Now all three of these wonderful creatures are adjusting well, thanks to the attention of the Stewart family and their adorable rescued Pit bulls and of course Hubbell the black cat who has since found her forever home.

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