Everyone Had Given Up Hope On This Poor Dog, But The Kitty Didn’t

A rescue ginger kitten saved his best friend’s (puppy) life, while the vet didn’t think she would survive.

Meet Sapphire and Zekey!

These two best friends who always have each other. When Sapphire the ginger boy was just a few weeks old, he was spotted in a garbage can and rescued.

“He was all muddy, but I fell in love with him,” Stephanie Tiu told us.

Just a week after Stephanie found Sapphire, she adopted Zekey. He was a month old puppy. The two fur kids bonded right away.

However, Zekey became extremely sick and her health began to deteriorate.

“I thought I would lose her but my kitty stood by her,” Stephanie added.

She took Zekey to the vet and the puppy was immediately hospitalized for treatment. They asked Stephanie to prepare for the worst.

When Stephanie went home, she realized just how much Sapphire missed his best buddy.

She talked to the vet and see if there was any possible way she could bring her cat in to visit Zekey for a few hours everyday to keep her company.

“Normally, that’s not allowed in the clinic, but they let me this time. So I took the cat to the hospital because I knew he needed to be there” she said.

Miraculously, Zekey’s condition began to improve little by little. Over the course of the next two weeks, Sapphire continued to care for his best friend during his visits, nursing her back to good health.

He purred and cuddled with Zekey and wouldn’t leave her out of his sight for anything.

Zekey is now back to her healthy and happy self again thanks to her feline best friend!

All grown up today! Sapphire still cares for Zekey much like a protective brother.

It isn’t over until the kitty meows.

Photos by Stephanie Tiu