Rescue Mother Cat Adopts Orphan Kitten in Need of Motherly Love

A rescue mother cat was introduced to a tiny orphan kitten who was desperately in need of some motherly love.

“Everything went better than expected!”

Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue wrote: “He was the only kitten born to a senior momma, she rejected him and he spent the first 15 hours of his life without food or warmth. A wonderful lady in the animal rescue community took him in and put out the call on facebook to try and find a nursing mother to place him with.

My friend had just taken in a mother with 4-week-old kittens from another rescuer, so our organization offered to take him. He’s done amazingly well and bonded with all his siblings and mom. He is now reserved for adoption and is a fat, adorable ball of fluff who loves getting his tummy scratched.”

“If his real mama doesn’t want him, I’ll be his mama.”

It just doesn’t get much cuter and magical than this.

Source: Ottawa-Stray-Cat-Rescue