Meet Gumphrey – Michigan’s Horseback Riding Cat!

MICHIGAN – No one should ever try to tell Gumphrey to get off his high horse because it’s quite literally the cutest place he hangs out.

The lovable senior cat is definitely the most unusual equestrian at the Fieldstone Farm in Holland, Michigan, and we’re purr-tty sure he’s okay with the attention he receives there.

According to FOX 17, who first reported the story, the cat was raised at the farm and has been riding — standing in the saddle by himself or laying in the lap of a human rider — since he was little.

“It was a cold winter day, he was about 2 years old, we looked out our house window and we saw him on one of the horse’s backs in the pasture,” stated head trainer Meagan Hengst. “He did it all by himself out there.”

Now a little older and heavier, Gumphrey often needs a lift getting onto a horse’s back but he apparently still likes the view.

“Gumphrey’s the king of the farm,” Hengst stated. “He was born and raised here. Thirteen years old now he does still ride horses, he slows down a little bit, you know, not as active with jumping on them by himself, he looks for a helping hand now.”

The riders who train at the farm are happy — and actually even eager — to share a saddle with Gumphrey. “They want to take him for a ride every time they’re done working out their horse,” Hengst said to FOX 17.