Kitten Found Cooped Up and Cuddling Up to Chickens!

MINNESOTA – Winter gives many of us cabin fever, but not Carmel the kitten.

This wee one of a cat is using the colder months to make a few new and unusual friends.

According to Echo Press, Carmel first appeared in Micah and Allyson Radach’s Alexandria, Minnesota, backyard, literally cowering under their trampoline in November of last year.

“He was just tiny,” Allyson said to Echo Press. “I don’t even know how much longer he would have survived (if we hadn’t found him).”

Thankfully, though, the Radach family, which includes children Lylah, 7, and Rhea, 4, immediately fell for the lonely little fluff-ball and welcomed him into the family with a meal of pancakes and milk. After that, the cat — understandably — stuck around.

Before long, the kitten began spending more time in the the Radach’s backyard, taking a special interest in the chickens.

“One day I came home in the afternoon and the chickens were out by the big shed and the cat was right by them,” Micah stated. “Wherever they’d go, he’d go.”

Carmel most likely started hanging out with the birds because of their insulated coop, which greatly helps keep him warm when he is outside. But what started as an animal Airbnb situation, quickly turned into a loving friendship.

Now the kitten spends entire nights in the coop, so he can cuddle with his feathered friends and help them keep their eggs warm.

“One time I went in there and he was actually laying on the eggs over the nesting boxes,” Allyson added. “I’ve also seen him snuggled up against one chicken in the corner.”

The Radachs, who are overjoyed by this surprise addition to their family, hope people see Carmel’s ways as a touching representation of the lessons animals can teach us.

“These animals are a perfect example of how they are very different in most ways, but very similar in a way that they are accepting each other’s differences and now have become friends,” Micah concludes. “They have adapted to each other and have respect for each other. More importantly, they now seem to enjoy each other.”