Missing Black Cat Turns Up a Year Later!

A black cat who went missing from her Leicestershire home almost a whole year ago has been found safe and well – in a container of used tyres 175 miles away!

Cindy the cat, who is owned by a Fleckney family, disappeared from home in August 2015.

She turned up just last week, inside a large container of used tires at Tyre Renewals Ltd in Castle Cary, near Yeovil, Somerset.

And this week, Fleckney owner Alison Patrick, who is an English teacher, told the Mail: “I couldn’t believe it when a vet from Somerset rang to say they’d found our cat.

Cindy was micro-chipped, so they were successfully able to track us down. It was an eight-and-a-half hour round trip for us to get her back, but she was in good condition and she came straight over to us.

Cindy reunited with Tylor Patrick, Alison Patrick, Jimmy Young and Lia Young. PICTURE: ANDREW CARPENTER

Cindy reunited with Tylor Patrick, Alison Patrick, Jimmy Young and Lia Young. PICTURE: ANDREW CARPENTER


Now Cindy is back at her home, in a “cuddly” mood, but seemingly none the worse for her adventure.

Alison explained Cindy would not be allowed out of the house for five or six weeks.

Cindy went missing back on August 8 from a house in South Wigston, where she’d been staying with a family relative while Alison and partner Jimmy Young were on holiday.

As weeks turned into many months, and door-knocking and ‘missing cat’ posters brought no news, Alison feared the worst.

However, it seemed that Cindy had probably been adopted by a kind-hearted new owner in South Wigston.

Then, just early last week, Cindy must have crept into a container of tyres at a tyre depot in Wigston for a cat nap.

The container was transported to the Castle Cary company, where Cindy was noticed by staff.

They handed her into the Delaware Veterinary Group in Castle Cary.

It was the vets who read the information on the microchip and contacted Alison.

“I couldn’t believe it when I heard” stated Alison. “It had been 50 weeks since she had gone missing, so I was completely shocked.

“Although my son Tylor always thought she’d turn up, and we didn’t want to buy another cat.”

Lesley Brunt, who is an office assistant at Tyre Renewals in Castle Cary, stated: “We’re next door but one to the vets, so we just popped the cat round there when we found it. We were gobsmacked that they found the real owners after a year!”