The Home Of Howard And Beth Sterns Is FULL Of Cats: ‘Whoever Needs Us Is ….’

The King of All Media and his wife are currently proud parents to more than a dozen — cats, that is.

“It’s crazy. Right now we have…I have to count…17 kittens in the house,” Beth Stern explained to Fox News of the current foster situation at her home with her radio personality husband Howard Stern.

The 44-year-old quite unapologetic animal lover participated in the annual BTIG Charity Day in New York City where she joined several other celebrities to raise awareness and funds for a cause of their choice. Beth, who has literally dedicated her life to rescuing and fostering animals, was representing North Shore Animal League, at the event on Tuesday.

And while the actual amount of cats currently residing in their home may surprise some, Beth stated she and her 63-year-old husband aren’t phased by it.

“Whoever needs us is welcome to come in our home,” she went on to say.

Back in 2016, Beth said to Fox News that she and Howard have fostered in upwards of 300 kittens and cats over the years.

“He was right there with me when we decided, ‘You know what? … Let’s foster a litter of kittens,’” she stated back in 2016. “We loved it so much. We cried like babies when we handed them off to their forever families! We didn’t realize the attachment involved.

“But bottom line is, we’re sticking to the mission, and that’s saving more lives,” she went on to say. “And Howard’s my partner.”

Howard’s true devotion to their cats isn’t just for show. Beth gave Fox News a clip of Howard singing “Happy Birthday” to their cat Sophia.

However, the couple does make sure to have quality time together regularly when their furry friends aren’t involved — sometimes!

“[Our idea of a date night is] probably just going to a nice restaurant, having a glass of wine and talking about all of our pets, all of our kittens,” she stated.