Neighbors Concerned After Cat Left Home Alone for Weeks! – VIDEO!

COLORADO – When reporters walked up to a home in Evergreen, they saw a cat peeking out the front door. Neighbors have been calling a newsroom repeatedly and saying the has may be in trouble.

They say the cat has been home alone in the home for quite some time – and want animal control to take action. No one is sure how much food or water the pet has.

A spokesperson for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office explained that the man who owns the cat is a truck driver who said he was stuck in the floods in Louisiana.

The cat is in a home which is tucked away behind a mountainside neighborhood. People in the area say they haven’t seen anyone at the house in three weeks.

There were a few notices from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department Animal Control Section and the State’s Bureau of Animal Control on the door. Officers had left four notes since the 11th of August. Neighbors now believe the cat has been there much longer.

“We all just wanted to break in and rescue it and take it to the Jefferson County shelter,” neighbor Cleo Boyd stated.

Boyd explained that neighbors tried to email the man who lives in the house – as well as his girlfriend — but were not able to reach him. They also tried calling their telephones, but didn’t get a single response. And so, Boyd called the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and Evergreen’s Animal Justice Center.

“The first thing we need to do is get this poor animal out of the house,” Alexandria Kilmon, who heads the Evergreen Animal Justice Center, stated,” and then we’ll see what kind of condition it’s in.”

The man who owns the cat assured deputies that the animal has plenty of food and also water. He is going to be overnighting a key to the house so officers can go into the home and take the cat to a shelter on Wednesday.

No charges will be filed, the sheriff’s office stated, since it doesn’t seem like the cat is in any kind of “distress.”

However, neighbors, many of whom have pets themselves, say the cat should definitely not have been left alone for so long.