Dumping Cats? Animal Lover Offers Reward in Howard Frankland Mystery! – VIDEO!

FLORIDA – A Tampa Bay area animal lover is actually now offering a $5,000 reward for help catching the person who is ditching unwanted cats on the Howard Frankland Bridge.

Back on August 8, two sisters from Lithia saw someone driving an old, brown pick-up truck with a silver topper. That person simply tossed a cat from the window, the sisters said.

In the early part of July, a BluePearl Veterinary technician spotted a kitten who was running along the middle wall of the bridge. “But he’s such a sweet, like laid-back little dude; I can’t imagine he got out there on his own,” Victoria Dallam stated.

In total, six or seven dead cats have been found since mid-May.

Dan Hester says he has seen enough. Hester is an animal lover and a cat owner, and also the founder of a cat spay and neuter program, Meow Now.

“It’s upsetting. It’s just unconscionable that somebody would do something like that,” he stated.

Hester is offering his own money as a reward for any information that will lead to an arrest and conviction.

“I don’t tolerate animal cruelty. I don’t tolerate abuse of people who can’t defend themselves,” he stated. “It’s these people that have some type of disorder to abuse animals that we have to put behind bars.”

Hester is hoping the reward money makes the difference.

Contact Meow Now at (727) 203-5255.

The Florida Highway Patrol is also accepting anonymous tips. Their number is *FHP (347).