Happy ending for dozens of cats, kittens abandoned at Md. shelter

MARYLAND – Remember those kittens and cats which were dumped outside the Greenbelt Animal Shelter a few weeks ago?

Well, it turns out there’s some good news: Shelter officials are now saying the 28 cats that were left at the shelter’s doorstep in boxes and plastic crates have almost all been adopted or placed with rescue groups.

The only ones that have not yet been scooped up yet are a small mama cat and her litter which she delivered shortly before being left at the shelter. So as for now, she and her five kittens are resting and recuperating. In about four weeks, they will also all be ready for adoption.

Celia Craze, who is the director of the department of planning and community development in Greenbelt, says not only did all the available abandoned cats and kittens find new homes, but some of the cats that had been waiting to be adopted before the new arrivals showed up were placed as well.

Donations to the shelter have also dramatically increased.