Cat Helps Man Propose to His Girlfriend

A cat named Talula helped a man who proposed to his girlfriend.

According to Reddit user Dostoyev, a man hired his girlfriend’s seriously fluffy Ragdoll cat to help him as he asked for hand in marriage.

“My best friend put an engagement ring on the collar of his girlfriend’s cat that always greets her.”


When the kitty welcomed her human home as she normally does, the girlfriend was surprised by the engagement ring which was around her collar as she looked at her beloved feline companion.

“She said yes,” Dostoyev added.

I mean, just look at that face and that fluffy lion’s mane! It couldn’t have been a more purr-fect proposal!

Although we don’t have a video of the proposal that Talula helped make happen, we believe it probably went something like the video below: Brad and Britney are both devoted cat lovers, so on the day of his marriage proposal, he adopted two kittens and surprised his then girlfriend with a ring along with their new furry family members.

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