Girl Uses Birthday Money to Save 14 Abandoned Kittens

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – The seven tiny kittens you see in this photo, and seven others like them, have been saved by the fur on their noses by a kind cat kid.

Lucinda, who is just 13, was riding home along the Moonee Ponds Creek Track last week when several kittens just so happened to cross her path, literally

“They were so cute. I didn’t want to leave them, they looked so forlorn and lost,” she said. “It was raining so I ran home to get a laundry basket to collect them.”

When she returned to scoop up the kittens n additional 9 cats showed up.

With 14 kittens in her care, Lucinda called Lort Smith Animal Hospital the wonderful people there urged Lucinda to bring them in.

“It was my birthday a few weeks ago and someone gave me $50 so I used it for a taxi to take the kittens into Lort Smith,” she said.

The best kids are the kids who are raised to love and respect animals.