Affluent Florida Lady Bequeaths Multimillion-Dollar Estate to Seven Felines

A Feline Inheritance: Nancy’s Unusual Legacy

“You get to pick your friends, not your family,” so the saying goes. But guess what? You do get to choose your pets! In Florida, a wealthy woman named Nancy Sauer took this to heart. She chose her seven cats as the sole heirs to her estate.

cat 1

Introducing the Feline Beneficiaries!

Midnight, Snowball, Goldfinger, Leo, Cleopatra, Napoleon, and Squeaky are the lucky cats. After Nancy passed away on November 23, 2022, they lived in her $2.5 million mansion. According to her will, selling the house was off the table until the last cat passed. Nancy’s wish? Every cat should find a loving home, and the inheritance should cover all their needs.

“Nancy loved them so much,” Yana Alban, a friend of Nancy’s, shared. After losing her husband Ralph in 1986 and her son in 1999, Nancy showered her cats with all her love and attention.

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From Mansion to Adoption

Sherry Silk, of the Tampa Bay Humane Society, believes cats shouldn’t live alone in a big house. Currently, that’s where the seven beneficiaries reside, awaiting adoption. Already, a vet has adopted Snowball, who has a heart condition.

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Initially, caretakers paid by Nancy didn’t provide proper care, prompting intervention. Additionally, Nancy left an undisclosed donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, showing her broader concern for animal welfare.

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Nancy’s Endearing Legacy

Neighbors and friends warmly remember Nancy as a “proud mother, businesswoman, fashionista, and fervent cat lover.” This touching story highlights the profound bond between pets and their owners and leaves us contemplating the kindness we wish to be remembered for.