These Cast Look Like Superheroes! Take A Look At (B)Catman!

Cats are among the most interesting animals and there’s no doubt about it. They’re agile, curious, smart and have a distinct personality. They also look beautiful, especially the cats with crazy patterns on their furs.

Some may look like superheroes, while others resemble a cinnamon roll. The cats you can see below have some of the craziest markings around and are pretty unique. Although they are definitely masters of disguise, these cats take their “costumes” to the next level. What’s your pick? We definitely love (B)Catman on #3!

1. This cat is trying to hide his true identity with his bandit mask.

2. When this kitty curls up, he turns into a cinnamon roll.

3. I wouldn’t mess with this ‘Batman-Cat.’ Plus, look at those paws.

4. Does this cat have four eyes or fur eyes?

5. There’s a tiny cat on this tiny cat’s nose.

6. There’s a cat’s back on this cat’s back.

7. This marbled beauty looks like something from a sci-fi movie.

8. This half and half cat is the coolest looking animal ever.

9. It looks like this cat is wearing fake ears.

10. There’s a resemblance to a very infamous person in history here.

11. This kitten curls up to reveal a perfectly symmetrical heart.

12. All all black cat with an all pink nose.

13. A lightning bolt shoots up this kitty’s forehead.

14. This is Luna, she can be a jerk sometimes, but she has ‘her heart in the right place’.

15. It looks like there’s a chocolate chip cookie on this cat’s tummy.