This Senior Cat Loves His Family More Than Anything Else In the World!

A woman named Abby rescued a  senior cat while she was in college, but as animals weren’t allowed in the dorm, she had to find a new home for Bailey. She though about giving the cat to her parents, but they couldn’t take it because they already had 2 dogs at home. No matter how tough they look, cats do have a lot of love.

Abby was heartbroken, but eventually found a home for Bailey after an older woman living nearby agreed to take him. Sadly, it didn’t’ work and Bailey was in Abby’s care again soon. She somehow agreed to give the cat to her parents and he has been living with them ever since.

Thirteen years later, Bailey is back with Abby and her family, cuddling with them all day long. Abby’s kids absolutely love the senior cat, dressing it up as a princess. Bailey doesn’t mind – he loves the kids and Abby’s whole family so much. Take a look at the video to see how beautiful a cat Bailey turned out to be: