Homeless Cat Gets Herself Stuck in Empty Swimming Pool, Earns Her New Name!

ARIZONA – You may ask, what’s in a name? The meaning behind this one is, well, is actually quite deep.

A homeless kitty, who is now named Scuba, somehow found herself at the bottom of an old, empty pool at a Sport Chalet location in Arizona just last week and needed some assistance getting out.

The cat, who was no doubt confused by her predicament, tried to paw her way out of the pool and away from approximately a foot of standing water. Bloody paw marks found at the scene were a sure indicator that the cat attempted to take matters into her own claws but to absolutely no avail.

“When I first heard the cries outside of the gate, it broke my heart,” rescuer Andy Gallo, an Arizona Humane Society emergency animal medical technician, told PEOPLE in an email. “It was clear that she had been down there for some time and she was curled up in the corner, soaking wet, shaking and hungry. I feel as if she wouldn’t [have] made it much longer down there. Despite her situation, she is the sweetest girl and will make someone a very loving pet.”

The shelter is saying that Scuba has spent the last few days at its Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital healing from paw injuries, and she’s expected to be put up for adoption on Thursday at the Arizona Humane Society’s Campus for Compassion.

If you might be interested in taking the plunge with Scuba and providing her a forever home, feel free to call: 602-997-7585.

Photos: Arizona Humane Society │ Via: people.com

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