One Couple Redesigned Their Home To Make It The Purr-fect Place For Books … AND CATS!

NEW YORK – If you happen to love cats and books, then this may be your dream house.

We’re not just talking about some cozy cottage with a view cushions for cats and snug reading nooks.

When we say ‘dream house’, we truly mean it – a home that is designed entirely around a love of books and cats.

A couple in Brooklyn solicited BFDO Architects to transform their home into a place of comfort for their two ‘shy but inquisitive’ cats, with loads of space for their massive book collection to be on display.

The result was the House for Booklovers and Cats!

The whole house is filled with bookshelves, designed specifically to double up as a playground for cats.

The shelves actually form steps for the cats to climb and resting spots where they can look out at their house, with little cat flaps that let them move easily from room to room.

To boot, there are even little trapdoors and tunnels that let the cats climb between levels, while the tops of all the shelves allow cats to jump into the second floor.

Around the entire home you’ll indeed notice a massive bookshelf (that’s part of the cats’ playground, too), plus also little cubbies in every room to stash away fiction.

In addition, there are also very cozy seats perfect for curling up and reading a book in.


Photo credits: Francis Dzikowski/BFDO │