A Group Of Reluctant Men Were Forced To Hold Kittens For The First Time

Men are, for all intents and purposes, the stronger. Often viewed as stone cold and not very emotional, most men are simply not impressed by the cuteness of cats and other animals. Recently, a group of men who disliked cats were given a unique opportunity to literally cuddle with the cutest kittens ever. They might be all strong on the outside, but this kind of thing can melt anyone’s heart.

Hilarity ensued, of course, and the whole thing was caught on camera. Who can resist the purrs and antics of kittens? That’s right – no one can! The tiny fur balls will eventually find their way into your heart and soften even the coldest people. Some held their emotions valiantly, while others broke down.

No matter how tough and big you are, everyone melts down with kittens in their hands. This is proof of it.