Man Owes Money in Russia and His Cat is “Arrested” to Satisfy $23 of the Debt!


RUSSIA – If you live in Russia and you have a pet cat but you owe money to someone, you will want to read this true story.

State bailiffs in Russia’s Perm region have arrested a cat which belongs to a man who owes 120,000 rubles ($1,800), the local branch of the Federal Bailiffs Service said in a statement Thursday.

As all of the property in the man’s apartment, except for the cat, belonged to the debtor’s relatives, the bailiffs decided to arrest the man’s cat “to give the debtor an incentive for early repayment,” the statement reads.

The bailiff estimated the cat’s value at about 1,500 rubles ($23), and then gave the debtor the opportunity to sell the animal himself.

The man brought his pet home the following day, saying that he would never sell the family favorite.