People Searching for the Owners of a Cat Who Snuck Aboard Train!

UNITED KINGDOM – It’s not quite what most people might expect to see when they’re on their way to work.

And usually, a surprise cat (or a puppy, puppies are great too) as part of your commute would be a wonderful thing.

Do you recognise this cat? (Picture: SWNS)

Do you recognise this cat? (Picture: SWNS)


However, when a pet shows up without their owner, priorities change from ‘ooh, I need to take a picture’ to making sure the animal gets back home safely.

Commuters on the 7.23am service from Cambridge to Ely, Cambs just on Friday were quite surprised to notice an unexpected passenger onboard their usual journey: a grey cat without a nearby owner.

Christine May-Hall, who is 59, stated she was on her phone when she heard a meow.

‘I thought “what’s that?”

‘I was absolutely flabbergasted. I thought “Where can you have come from?”

‘I picked the cat up and luckily I’ve got a big handbag. I put him in it to keep him safe.’


Once she left the train, Christine checked in with station staff to make sure he wasn’t the station’s resident cat (he wasn’t), then made a call to the nearby Cathedral Veterinary Surgery.

Nancy Lane, who is a nurse at the surgery, said: ‘I had a call from Ely train station, saying “The train stopped and there was a cat on it – is there any chance you can come and get it?”

The cat was found wearing an orange collar, and Nancy claims he looks like he’s ‘been really well kept’, so it seems like he may have an owner.


Unfortunately, however, the cat not microchipped, so there’s no way to track down the cat’s owners.

Yet, Nancy is hopeful that the surgery will be able to reunite the cat with his rightful owners.

He’s a large grey neutered male cat, with tabby markings and a slit upon his right ear.

‘He’s absolutely gorgeous,’ stated Nancy. ‘It would be lovely if we could send him back to his mum.’