Sad Cat That Can’t Accept the Reality of Being Abandoned

Every day, we see a lot of posts about abandoned cats on social media. It’s becoming a very big concern worldwide, and the most disappointing thing is that it never stops. We’ve seen very sad stories about abandoned cats, but no one is sadder than this one.

Hikers recently found a cat on a top of a mountain that was always sitting in the same spot. Nabi the cat became somewhat of an attraction. Groups of hikers always found it sitting at the same spot and gave Nabi some food. There were even attempts to take Nabi down the mountain, but he’d struggle away.

One day, a group brought a vet with them who checked Nabi and found it in perfect health. The cat was around two years old and male. For a stray cat, Nabi was pretty chubby – an obvious sign that it was fed well.

The cat was obviously left abandoned by her humans on the mountain, so he didn’t know what way to go. Sadly, the loving kitty doesn’t know it’s abandoned. It just sits there hoping that one day its humans will come back.

The vet managed to trap Nabi in a cage and bring him back to civilization. After a thorough medical checkup, Nabi was found in perfect health except for the overweight part. He is now staying at the clinic until a new family adopts him. He certainly deserves to find a loving home again.