Cat Befriends A Bearded Dragon And Now They’re Inseparable

We all know that there are certain animals make better pets than others. What comes to our minds, typically, include those that are fluffy, feathery, and quite affectionate—think dogs, cats, and birds. Naturally, these animals can actually learn to exist with each other pretty well, too.

Some animals that you don’t imagine coexisting? Lizards. Sure, they keep to themselves just fine, but it’s very rare that you’ll want to take your reptile out of its cage in order to hang out with, say, your cat.

However, that’s exactly what the owner of Charles, a female bearded dragon, and Baby, a cat, did. At first, it wasn’t clear at all if these two would get along. Then, something totally unexpected—and adorable—happened.

Most pet owners don’t automatically think of reptiles as being affectionate. Even more uncommon is for said reptiles to be affectionate with other animals – like cats, for instance. But that’s precisely what happened with a female bearded dragon named Charles and her best pal, a male cat named Baby.

Their owner initially was a bit worried that Baby might hurt Charles, and understandably so: Baby was much bigger. Plus, he also had claws! Thankfully, they immediately bonded, and now they’re the best of friends.

Charles and Baby now even guard their home together! With these two constantly keeping watch, it looks like no one is going to be breaking in anytime soon.

All is good unless of course, there’s a thunderstorm! That’s when Charles hugs Baby even closer. (Baby’s kind of scared of thunderstorms, but with Charles at his side, he’s doesn’t have much to fear.)

These two lovebirds even love taking selfies together! They might need to reshoot this photo because Baby was blinking. Whoops! Say cheese!

Playtime is always fun with these particular two pals, too. Watch how Charles wants to see if Baby’s interested in playing. Tag, you’re it!

Of course, snuggling up to one another is even better! These two know exactly how to each other how much they care.

They even take their meals together! There is no word yet on whether Charles sneaks some of Baby’s food – or vice-versa! We’re sure they don’t mind sharing.

Just look at how they even hold each other’s claws when they’re napping. Their friendship knows no bounds, that’s for sure!

Now watch when their owner pets their heads while they’re sleeping!

Furry and Scaly Companions: Do Bearded Dragons Get Along With Cats?

To wrap up, it’s essential to note that the friendly bond between a cat and a bearded dragon, like in our delightful story, is not always the norm. So, when asking “Do bearded dragons get along with cats?”, the answer is that it greatly depends on the individual temperaments of your pets and the careful, gradual introduction process you facilitate. Bearded dragons are generally calm and docile, but cats can be unpredictable. Always supervise their interactions to ensure safety. Remember, every friendship, whether furry or scaly, needs nurturing, patience, and mutual respect. The resulting bond, as demonstrated by our inseparable duo, can indeed be extraordinary and heartwarming.

If you would like to see more of this delightful duo, you can follow Charles and Baby’s adventures on Instagram!

Reference: ExoticDirect