Unlucky Kitty Was Turned Into The Shelter Twice

This tabby kitty was turned to the shelter not once, but twice. He wanted nothing more than a family that would accept him forever.

“His first owner didn’t have enough time for him, and his second returned him to the shelter because he was too much of a lap cat,” reddit user omerta214 wrote.

They were looking for a cat to adopt and decided quickly he was the one, and they wanted to give him a loving home he so wanted and deserved.

“He’s fitting in just fine with us. Meet our 4 year old boy, Gump,”


They shared the difference it made in just a few days: “He is definitely an epic companion. He still is slightly nervous at our house because its so new. When we first brought him home he just hid under the bed alot for the first day. However last night he completely opened up, hopped on the bed, and stayed with us the whole night. He’s an awesome dude.

Just happy we could give this guy the great home he deserves.

Gump has been having a blast with my girlfriend and I and I cannot understand why you wouldn’t love this cat. He purrs and only wants attention, and he’s amazing around my other cats. Couldn’t ask for a better buddy to save!”

This time, the third time truly was the charm.

Source: www.reddit.com/r/cats