Pregnant Cat Completely Takes Over Unsuspecting Man’s Home – Turns His Life Upside Down!

MICHIGAN – All of us would like to think that it’d be easy to take in an animal in need of rescuing. After all, what cat-lover wouldn’t be absolutely delighted if an adorable kitty showed up on their doorstep?

Apparently, that’s exactly what happened to Imgur user BoogiesOogie, except that the cat in question didn’t just sit politely on some step. Instead, she barged unceremoniously into his Fernadale, Michigan home — and caused quite a scene in doing so. Luckily, he was able to handle it all in good (albeit profane) humor.

Meet Sandwich the cat!

One day, she simply waltzed right up to a house and decided she was going to live there!


The trouble is, as the homeowner would discover, Sandwich didn’t come solo. Rather, she was a bit of a package deal…


You see, not only was she a bit of an “asshole,” Sandwich was pregnant.


“After I took her homeless a** to the vet… they told me she had six more squatters in her dumb cat uterus.”


“She decided it was acceptable to have her b*stards in my home.”