UK Cat Cafe Now Hiring “Cat Nanny” – Maybe the Best Job Ever!

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – Are you looking for work and do you have a love and a flair for cats? Well, you may be in luck … if you live in Manchester, England


Fancy being paid to cuddle kittens? Photo: Phil Degginger / Alamy

A new cat cafe is now opening in Manchester – and they’re looking for paid cat nannies.

There are a few cat cafes out and about Britain now, where cat charities team up with cafes so the rescue get enough human cuddles and interaction.

A Facebook page by founders Ellie and Sophie Close says they are looking for a cafe manager, assistant manager, front of house stuff, barista and also … a cat nanny.

The cat nanny will get £8 an hour and the job includes playing with, feeding and grooming the felines who reside in the cafe.

The advertisement for the job says: “Your job on a daily basis will include but is not limited to:

Feeding the cats

Grooming the cats

Playing with the cats

Encouraging and supporting customer interaction with the cats.

Making sure house rules are being adhered to.

Cleaning out the litter trays.

Washing and cleaning bedding.

Developing games and rearranging furniture to keep the cats environment interesting and new.

Training Cats

Checking up on the physical health of the cats.”

Applicants also must be prepared to work around-the-clock shifts, both when the cafe is open from 9am to 9pm every day and also when it is closed.

Sisters Ellie and Sophie Close came up with the idea itself to open a cat cafe last year.

Now, their dream is coming true after getting a lot of support from followers on social media.

The cafe opens in Manchester’s North Quarter this June.

Applications for this position have to be sent by the 29th April.

Ellie, 25, told the Manchester Evening News the cafe will act as a sanctuary offering customers some much needed and desired relaxation and stress relief.

She said: “We want it to be warm comfy and a good place for stress relief.
“The cats will live there and will even have a cat nanny.”

“Our cats are ridiculously needy so they like a lot of attention.”

“I bring them to work with me at the moment because they just want to be around people.”

“They’ve all got different personalities so the Persian won’t play but loves to be stroked, while some of the others aren’t bothered about relaxing but just love playing. It’s a nice mixture of personalities.”

“People will be able to learn about the breeds and about the individual cats. They’ll even have their own Twitter profiles.”

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, in Shoreditch, enjoys immense popularity amongst the capital’s busy workers and laborers.

Co-owner Anna Kogan stated: “The idea is that you can come and have a peaceful lunch or high tea and be surrounded by cats. If you’re lucky they will fall asleep on your lap.”

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