Alarming Facebook Posts Advertising Kittens As ‘Bait’ for Liverpool Dog Fighters

1-minLIVERPOOL, ENGLAND – These are just a few of the Facebook posts which appear to show kittens being sold as ‘job lots’ for Liverpool dog fighters.

The RSPCA has launched an investigation after the ECHO uncovered disturbing posts on the social networking site purportedly selling various kittens as “live bait”.

One of the alarming images even shows a dog with its teeth wrapped around a cat’s head.

The caption underneath the photo read: “Got some now, anyone want to put a bet on who wins?”

Kittens are being bought as job lots and sold as bait among Liverpool dog fighters.

Kittens are being bought as job lots and sold as bait among Liverpool dog fighters.

There was also a post made with pictures of a litter, with the words: “Will have a litter ready for Chmristmas (dog bait)”.


The RSPCA confirmed that it had received reports of kittens being sold for baiting on Merseyside.

A spokesperson said: “The RSPCA can confirm that it has received complaints about kittens being sold for ‘dog bait’ in the Liverpool area and will be investigating.”

“Any reports of animals being used to attack other animals are extremely disturbing and anyone with information should contact us.”

The RSPCA believes that the kitten sellers pose under pseudonyms, aliases, often as female sellers but are acting as part of a bigger network.

Accounts on Facebook close but then reopen under different names. Sellers also operate on a site called Gumtree.

These kittens are underage, usually have fleas and worms, and are often very ill.

A trustee of Rescue Me charity in Crosby also told the ECHO of their concerns.

Heather Prescott, 31, from Wavertree, said she was aware of people actively looking for entire litters of kittens.

She said: “People have asked us to help with homing their kittens but, by the time we get there, somebody will have already bought all of the litter.”

“They sell a story that rescue centres aren’t doing a good job, they take the kittens as a job lot and sell them for quite a serious profit.

“As long as someone is giving them money – they don’t care about their welfare at all or if they’re being used as bait.”

Merseyside Police said this was not an issue for them to investigate, but a matter for the RSPCA.

Here is just some information about a few of the suspected perpetrators:

This group of vile scum are asking daily for free kittens and even willing to pay a price, they are then taking the kittens and reselling for profit advertising them as half pedigrees, in her care kittens are becoming very ill,, she’s even advertised kittens to use as dog bait, there’s is a lot of evidence, police and RSPCA involved but these are still out there. Posts everywhere. They are based in Liverpool area but willing to collect kittens from anywhere, they use lots of aliases, Libby Reeves, Vics Jones Kerry Russell and plenty more please please please share!!