Police Charge Neighbor After Family Cat’s Leg ‘Smashed’ in Shooting!

NEW ZEALAND – A Wanaka man has now been charged in relation to shooting a family cat, but the cat’s owner doesn’t want the man convicted.

Owner Craig Capstick stated on Thursday was “d-day” for Coco, his three-year-old brown-and-white Siamese cat, whose left front leg was maimed in the shooting in Studholme Rd on July 28.

He believed the person responsible for this horrendous act was a neighbor.

“Pretty much the person shot it through the bone and smashed it,” Capstick stated.

“He’s been in a cast. They’re either going to have to pin it [the leg] or take it off.

“It’s pretty horrendous.”

Coco the cat was shot in the leg in Wanaka on July 28.

Coco the cat was shot in the leg in Wanaka on July 28.


Coco had been out of the house for not more than 15 minutes before finding his own way home after being shot and “leaving a bloody trail all the way to the front door”.

Capstick explained that the shooting was a “disgusting” act, but despite this, didn’t want to see the alleged shooter with a conviction.

“I’m pleased someone has been charged [but] I don’t want him to have a conviction. I don’t think that’s fair.

“I understand a lot of people have concerns about cats killing native birds. I do have some sympathy with that.”

Capstick went on to say that Coco had killed about 100 rabbits in the past year and could understand people might be worried about him killing birds too.

“[But] there’s more than one way to get a cat off your property,” he stated.

The loss of the man’s gun license would be a more sufficient punishment as he was “irresponsible” and could have even injured a person in the shooting, Capstick said.

The vet bills and Coco’s rehabilitation would cost a lot of money, but Capstick believed the man had already offered to cover the cost of the bills.

“I’m sure the person is remorseful,” Capstick stated.

A police media spokeswoman has officially confirmed a local man was facing charges of ill-treatment and cruelty under the Animal Welfare Act

There was absolutely no indication as to why the cat was shot, she said.

The man will be appearing in the Queenstown District Court at a later date.