The Story of a Cat Aptly Named, Hope

CARROLL COUNTY, MARYLAND – We here at The Best Cat Page stumbled upon this special kitty recently and we were inspired enough to inquire about the cat.

One day, this brave fighter of a kitty was brought into the Humane Society of Carroll County, Inc.

She arrived with a severely damaged leg. Later it was determined that the leg was literally “rotting off.”

Charles R Brown tells us, “She came into our care after someone brought her to us. The cat had been living on his property for several months. How the injury occurred is unknown.”

They named her, “Hope.”


“Even with her injury, she was as sweet as could be,” Charles continued, “She purred and rubbed against us during her initial exam.”

“We rushed her to a vet that partners with the us, Westminster Veterinary Hospital and it was determined that her leg would have to be amputated.”

“Her bubbly and endearing ways quickly charmed the staff of the vet hospital.”

“Hope came through her surgery very well and is scheduled to be adopted Fri the 22nd, by a wonderful family that has adopted special needs pets in the past.”

“We expect her to make a full recovery and live a long happy life.”

We here at the Best Cat Page wish Hope and her new forever family the best of luck and love!

By Ken Hazza, The Best Cat Page