Police Identify Man who Stabbed “Porch Stan” and Kicked Family’s Cat! – VIDEO!

PENNSYLVANIA – Police in Scranton were able to successfully track down the man who damaged a woman’s front porch decoration and also kicked her pet cat.

The video of the incident was shared more than 2,000 times on social media.

The homeowner posted the video of the suspect in question who simply walked onto the front porch of the home on Albright Avenue.

First, you see the man stab a life-sized doll that the family calls ‘Porch Stan’ who seemed to be innocently sitting on a porch swing.

Then, after he stabbed “Porch Stan”, the suspect sees the homeowner’s cat, Marvin, and kicks him.

Officers in Scranton were able to identify the suspect the suspect was arrested.

The perpetrator’s name was not available, but we here at The Best Cat Page will publish it once the name can be verified.