Chicken Watches Cat Hunting Mouse – Then Shows the Cat How It’s Done!

A hungry chicken showed a cat who’s boss by stealing its prey and gobbling up a mouse.

A video, which was shot by Daniel Boe, from Chicago, shows his pet cat toying with the rodent as it desperately tried to escape.

However, just as the kitty looked like it was about to pounce on the mouse, a chicken swept in and grabbed it for herself.

Escaping with the rodent between its beak, the chicken then swung the mouse around before pecking at it on the ground.

After actually killing the rodent, the hen then dashed away to feast on its freshly-caught dinner.

Mr Boe states: ‘I was walking through my driveway when I noticed my cat playing with something.

‘The cat kept backing away from it so when I went to take a closer look, I noticed a small mouse attacking the cat and the mouse was actually getting away.

‘The mouse would attack and run a few feet only to be stopped by the cat again, but was making ground towards cover none the less.

‘I wanted to get it on video because seeing a mouse beat up my cat wasn’t something I ever thought I’d see.

‘The mouse was standing, putting up its dukes up and while boxing and biting at the cat, she was about to escape.
‘I did not expect the rest!’