Presenting: The Kittens Who Live Under a Concrete Slab!

It’s always nice to hear that there are people out there that go out of their way to help out the stray kitties they come across on the streets, even the furries that are weary of human company and run for cover when approached.

Robin Seplut is just one of these people. He is a kind-hearted gentleman who spends a lot of his time helping out stray kitties.

Robin stated: “Hello dear friends! Today I found cute kittens who live under a concrete slab! Kittens live under the concrete slab because there is a lot of danger on the street.

In this video you will hear the barking of dogs and therefore the kittens are hiding under the concrete slab! The kittens are very cute and they trust me on the first day I met them!”

Enjoy the clip!

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