Heartless Man Poisoned His Neighbor’s Cat in Sickening Act of Revenge!

UNITED KINGDOM – Yet another case where the punishment simply does NOT fit the crime!

Gary O’Donnell, who is 59, explained he’d become frustrated with Fred the moggy and after numerous failed deterrents decided to take the final drastic step.

O’Donnell, who had previously hurled cat excrement back over his neighbor’s fence, left the poisoned meat in his own garden where the cat was more than likely to find it.

Magistrates in Hull, East Yorkshire, heard that Fred the cat did indeed eat it and he had to be put asleep to end his suffering.

Gary O'Donnell left poisoned meat for his neighbour's cat, Fred (not pictured)

Gary O’Donnell left poisoned meat for his neighbour’s cat, Fred (not pictured)


Afterwards, O’Donnell was fined after being found guilty of poisoning the grey and white-colored cat.

RSPCA’s inspector Claire Mitchell stated: “Witness reports all showed that the defendant had made it quite clear that he was annoyed with cats messing in his garden.

“He threw feces over the garden fence and had put up deterrents in his garden.”

Witnesses who spotted Fred eating the poisoned meat alerted his owner and the meat was found between bins right on the property covered in a blue liquid.

Fred was rushed to the vets after showing symptoms of being poisoned, but his condition deteriorated and he was put to sleep two days later.

Ms Mitchell stated: “Poisoning is an extremely painful and unpleasant way for an animal to die – causing great suffering to the animal and extreme upset to their owner.

“Cats are active and intelligent animals for whom exploring and roaming in their local area is a natural behavior and not something they should be persecuted or condemned for.

“If people are unhappy with cats entering their gardens they should work with the cat’s owner to keep them out of the garden in a humane way.”

O’Donnell was ordered to “pay fines” and a “small compensation.”