Presenting Snoopy, The Cat In Cosplay Costumes That Will Make Your Day

Snoopy is a gorgeous gray cat who was given a home one year ago.

Right from the beginning, he was actually quite different from other cats because he didn’t mind wearing different accessories and costumes, unlike others. With some treats and a few distractions, he would let her take pictures calmly.

Beginning with few pictures and accessories now he has his huge collection of cosplay costumes.

One year has passed and today, Snoopy has got a little brother Doby. Being brothers, both of them have to follow the same path of dressing up for several occasions.

#1 Meet two handsome brothers Snoopbat and Dobin

#2 Snoopy as Spongecat Squarepants… But he is afraid of Sea, so he lives next to Pineapple

#3 The cutie little domestic pet elephant

#4 Captain Cat and Iron Cat because they are superheroes

#5 Who wants banana? “Me.”

#6 “Has anyone seen my other 6 balls?”

#7 OMG Hello Kitty is real

#8 Hey Bub. How you doing?

#9 Oh no!! Snoopy ate Kenny

#10 This fluffy grumpy Snow

#11 You won’t get any gadgets from this Doracat

#12 This Grouchy Zelcat isn’t here to save princess

#13 Yayy!! Easter is here

#14 And this Kfcat

#15 Snoopy and Doby celebrating Canadian 150 Pride

#16 Presenting you the one and only Batcat

#17 Say hi to your neighbourhood’s chubby Mascot

#18 “Do you wanna build a Snowman?”

#19 Didn’t know that Winnie the Pooh can be real

#20 Super Snoopy

#21 Doby’s first valentine

#22 Meet this Iron Cat

#23 And this Robincat

#24 What would you comment about this? Go Jays Go

#25 Angrycat all way ready to launch

#26 Meet these little Raptors fans

#27 “Buzz, buzz where’s my treat?”

#28 “Where’s my Bag? I am getting late for work.”

#29 Snoopy is sad