100 House Cats Visited IKEA And You Won’t Believe What They Did To The Store

Oh, no! 100 House Cats Won’t Make a Mess! What makes you think they would?

To begin with, it doesn’t really sound like a great idea to release 100 house cats in an empty store. There is always bound to be that possibility that they might reap the furniture apart or even reap each other apart. Owning a few cats can truly be quite a big challenge so having so many cats around IKEA definitely sounds like quite the challenge. Luckily, though, besides some little fights and scratches here and there it all went well.

The entire commercial was shot in the IKEA store in Wembly, England for the UK customers. IKEA seems to be right on track and knows that people are completely obsessed with cats these days. What’s better than filming a commercial that is filled with cats all around the furniture and seeing them nice and cozy. The creative director Feh Tarty went on to explain that they let the cats into the store in order to see what furniture they would like. He believes that cats will always seek comfort and whatever that is best for them and we have to completely agree with him.

Cats will also always look for their special little places that are going to bring them true joy and that they will love to nap at. It can be a couch, a bed, a chair, the carpet or even shelves and drawers as long as it makes them feel comfortable.

This hilarious IKEA commercial definitely portrays this really well. Enjoy!

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