“Pretzel” May be Deformed But She’s Not Letting Anyone or Anything Stop Her!


One of the most difficult things for any cat lover is to put in the time, love and patience it takes to care for a special needs kitty. However, when all is said and done, it’s such a rewarding experience that the “sacrifices” which are made along the way no longer seem like sacrifices but labors of love!

And it’s sad when the odds are stacked against any kitten due to defects or physical limitations, Being a kitten in today’s world is hard enough let alone having to struggle with such obstacles!

This is Pretzel’s story!

Pretzel and her siblings were all born with various deformities and all of them were abandoned.

When Laura got wind of the fact that these poor babies were scheduled to be euthanized, she decided to take each and every one of them home with her.

Laura worked around the clock to make sure the kittens had the best TLC she could give them.

Sadly, two of the kitties didn’t survive but Pretzel did and day by day she continues to put her best foot forward and to live a happy kitty life!

This kitty doesn’t seem to let anything hold her back or keep her down!

What an inspiration she is!

Take a look at Pretzel in this heartwarming video!

Image Credit: KittenRescueLA / YouTube │Source