Rescue Dog Saves Six Kittens’ Lives! – VIDEO!

TEXAS – A dog whose name is Paige was pregnant and in need of a new home a few months ago.

That’s just when Sherman resident Linda Arnold, who has fostered more than 250 dogs, took Paige in.

“I had her five days and she delivered five healthy puppies,” Arnold stated.

After Paige fed her new puppies for just about eight weeks, they all were adopted last Friday. Though her puppies all have a new home now, Paige’s job is not done yet.

“There were six little kittens that were two to three weeks old that were surely to die if we did not find someone who could bottle raise them or get them healthy,” Anna Marcy, who is on the board for the Durant Animal Rescue Alliance, stated.

Marcy explained that she posted their need on Facebook. Arnold saw the post and called Marcy with an idea.

“‘Hey, how about if we put them on Paige,’ and she goes ‘I’ve never tried to put kittens on a dog before, but lets try and see if it will work,'” Arnold stated.

So they brought the kittens over so that they could meet Paige and it miraculously worked.

“It was literally that feeling of, she’s actually gonna take them and we were so excited,” Arnold stated.

Paige has now been nursing the entire six kittens back to health at Arnold’s home in Sherman since Wednesday.

“She’s doing a great job with them,” Arnold explained. “She licks them, cleans them.”

Since it’s quite difficult for the kittens to nurse from a dog, Arnold said she wakes up every three hours during the night to help. She said it truly is all worth it.

“We didn’t just save Paige, we saved five puppies and six kittens,” Arnold stated.

Marcy said she hopes that people can somehow learn from Paige’s story.

“It’s good to see that even creatures of different species can show compassion and care for one another,” Marcy stated.

“If you can adopt, try to,” Arnold stated. “And these little guys will be up for adoption soon.”

If you would more information on adopting the kittens, click on the related link for Durant Animal Rescue Alliance. If you want more information on how you can adopt Paige, click on the related link for High Plains P.A.W.