Worst Anniversary Gift Ever!? Husband Gives Cat-loving Wife Someone’s Taxidermied Pet Cat!

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more like a stuffed version of your favorite animal. At least, that’s what one woman wrote on her eBay listing in a bid to get rid of one just horrific wedding anniversary present.

The eBay seller, whose name is Catherine, loves cats, so her husband decided to give her someone else’s dead elderly pet right on their first wedding anniversary – as a gift!

Do we smell a filing for divorce here?

Her husband was given the stuffed cat by his tattoo artist and he believed it was the perfect gift for his feline-fanatic wife.

Men. Go figure!

The man’s wife, however, was not pleased in the leasy with the gift.


Catherine commented on eBay: “So, if your home needs a tragic symbol of misguided love – the misguided love of an incompetent amateur taxidermist for a beloved, elderly, scruffy cat or the misguided love of a new husband who thought getting his cat-loving bride a dead one for their first anniversary was a good idea – then please consider bidding.

“I am not heartless – I do feel some affection for the cat, which clearly was beloved of someone back when it was alive – so I am donating ten percent of the sale price to an animal rescue shelter.

“Check out the pictures – two alive cats are included in the images for reference, but are not included in the listing. We want to keep those.

“Bid high. Marital counseling isn’t cheap.”

She isn’t completely ‘fur-ious’, however – Catherine went on to note she can now never give her husband a dud gift, as he gave her the worst wedding anniversary present ever.


The tabby cat is elderly and was clearly someone’s old pet.

It has a shaved part on one of its back legs, which the eBay seller wrote may be from the feline’s final injection.

She went on to write: “It was clearly someone’s (elderly) pet, and it’s tragic gaze is hauntingly beautiful in a way. Not a way that I want in my house, but I imagine someone might.”

There have been 12 bids on the dead animal, and it is currently selling for $127!.