Rescue Kitten Adopted by Poodle Who was Raised by Cats

This poodle was raised by cats… Now she is raising an orphan kitten herself.

This tiny rescue kitten was found in a dumpster and very much in need of some motherly love. A few minutes later, he was inside a box full of blankets getting a tongue bath from a poodle who as fate would have it, was actually adopted by cats way back when.

“This kitten, Bo, was found in a dumpster. Our poodle, Amber, (who was raised by cats) quickly jumped in preform the task of motherhood,” said Taylor James Johnson told Love Meow. “She instantly began licking and cuddling with Bo.”

They immediately took the 3-week-old kitten to the vet, where the little one was declared healthy. Amber also made sure her little feline baby got all the love and TLC she could give her.

“The kitty is much better (cleaner) and stronger, walking around and everything,” Johnson added. “Amber the poodle still takes very good care of her new baby.”

Bo’s got a new mom who understands him now. They share similar histories as rescues, and now Amber is showing him the same love she received when she was a puppy from the kitties.

Watch Bo and his new “mom” in this cute video:

Photos by Taylor James Johnson

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