Man Discovers Frozen Cat on His Front Porch – But Then …

It was literally freezing outside, and the temperatures had dipped well below zero.

YouTuber familytime woke up one morning and went to the front door to take a look at the conditions outside. That’s just when his heart completely sunk. Lying helpless on his front porch was a poor cat who had frozen almost solid over as a result of the freezing weather conditions.

At first, he believed the cat was dead. After all, it had probably been lying there for a few hours at least, and it was completely immobile.

He then noticed a slight twitch in her paw. Right at that point, he knew that he had to try and save this poor cat. And so, he brought her inside and warmed up a tub full of warm water. He placed the feline in the water for a warm bath.

Gradually, more and more life started to crawl back into the cat, and soon she emerged. Her first meow was a very good sign; slowly but surely, this cat was coming around. After the warm bath, he made her food and fed her. This man’s kindness and care were the very difference between life and death for this cat.

As he cared and nurtured this cat back to health, he couldn’t help but grow attached to it.

After she made a full recovery, he took her over to the vet for a full-body checkup.

Once she was deemed healthy, the man appropriately named his new cat Elsa, after the character from Disney’s ‘Frozen’!