Rescued Lynx Is Introduced To A Tiny Chihuahua And The Results Are Just …

People who have had the pleasure of owning a chihuahua know these tiny pups can harbor some serious aggression and spunk for their small frame. Still, you’d think they’d know a bit better than to take on a wild animal that’s three times their size.

So, when some people in Russia let their teeny chihuahua play with a rescued lynx—who had quite a few pounds on the crazy little pup—you can’t possibly expect things to go well. Lynxes gobble down animals that are about the size of chihuahuas for breakfast on a regular basis, and this spunky pooch was pushing his luck in engaging the wild cat.

Just take a look and just see how this works out for the chihuahua!

A chihuahua and a rescued lynx were both given a toy to play with, and it doesn’t go exactly how anyone could have planned. Right away, the lynx went on the hunt for the little canine…

And of course, a battle ensued.

But now, watch how it all turned out, though. We think this will surprise you as much as it did us!

Source: Chihuahua Plays With Lynx by ViralHog on Rumble