10+ Comics By Lulu VanHoagland That Perfectly Capture Life With Cats

Cats can be mysterious and unexplainable creatures, but now, thanks to webcomic artist and crazy cat lady Lulu VanHoagland, we finally have a window into what might be going on inside those furry little heads.

The American artist, named Theresa Hoagland, started her Boober comic series – which takes the name of her own furbaby – and it’s been steadily picking up steam since then.

Averaging up to about 90 likes per post, readers identify with Hoagland’s frank and honest depiction of what it feels like to live with a feline, or in her case, multiple. Hoagland has actually opened an Etsy shop, where she sells buttons and brooches inspired by her art.

With cats currently reigning supreme as the most popular pet in the US and UK, and with the health benefits of owning a cat ranging from emotional well-being to lowered blood pressure, it’s probably safe to say that these meowing bundles of fluff make the perfect addition to any home, especially if you are able to find one with as much sass as Boober.

Source: Facebook, Etsy │ via: www.boredpanda.com