Rescuers Find Cat Crammed In Shed With 60 Others, Then He Makes A Dramatic Transformation

It’s always completely heartbreaking to find an animal or many animals stuck in a miserable living situation.

Unfortunately, there are too many animals out there right now who are crammed into a tiny room or cage with far too many other animals.

Rescue organizations and good samaritans are doing their very best to help as many of these sweet babies as possible, though. Hopefully, in the future, these animals won’t need rescue. One can only hope, right?

Luckily for Orren the black cat, the Humane Society rescued him from certain death.

When these amazing rescuers discovered Orren, he was packed in a tiny shed with 60 other cats. Most were quite sick and all were miserable. The living conditions were unthinkable.

Clearly, none of these cats had received any kind of recent medical — if any at all. However, they are now receiving a second chance at happiness.

Orren may end up carrying some of the physical scars of his past life, but he’s nothing short of happy nowadays. He has indeed found a loving, forever home that’s allowed him a life he never thought he would have.

He’ll never be hungry for attention or love again.