3 Cats Severely Injured in Honey Oil Explosion, the SPCA Asks for Your Help!

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA – Three cats are now healing, luckily, at the CCSPCA after they were severely burned in an apartment fire in Northeast Fresno on Tuesday.

Fresno Police said 30-year old Erik Gregg allegedly used butane to convert marijuana into honey oil. During that chemical process, there was a huge explosion that caused a blaze in his unit at the Ashbrook East Apartments.

Investigators say the man had seven cats and two dogs. Four of the cats and the dogs are currently in the CCSPCA’s custody.

Veterinary Assistant Maria Romero said, “We as of right now, ya believe that she is in a lot of pain. When we try to wrap her paws she’s very uncooperative and we understand that.”

Romero said that three out of the four cats have burns around their eyes, ears, noses, and lips.

“They’re on IV fluids constantly for right now, until they start to drink on their own,” stated Romero.

The SPCA said it’s possible that all the cats have suffered smoke inhalation during the fire as well. They believe it may take more than a months for the cats to fully heal.

Romero said, “It’s very painful to see it is very painful and we must remain professional but we don’t have our moments when we have to step away.

Lt. Joe Gomez said Gregg is suffering from very severe burns to approximately 60-percent of his body. As of Friday, he was listed in critical but stable condition.

“He is all wrapped up and it’s going to take a long, long time to recover,” stated Gomez.

Thalia Arenas is the Humane Educator at the SPCA.

She said, “We’re forseeing that it’s going to be a few thousand dollars to cover all these treatments that we’re providing.”

The SPCA said the cats will not return to Gregg until the criminal case has been concluded. Arenas said that if he is found responsible for the negligence, the cats could be put up for adoption.

Police said Gregg now faces animal cruelty charges on top of other charges involving the alleged drugs.