Rexie the Handicapped Cat Has a Pink Wheelchair and Is Best Friends With a Ferret!

Rexie doesn’t have the use of his two hind legs at all and finds it impossible to move around without his special custom pink wheelchair.

However, he certainly doesn’t let that stop him from being a very happy cat – and he is helped by his best friend, who is of all things – a ferret.

Rexie has a broken backbone and that has left his kind legs completely paralyzed.

As you can see right on his Instagram page, he has a very unique personality – and a whole lot of fans.

He currently has more than 19,000 followers on Instagram, who like to keep an eye out for updates on him and his ferret friend.

He also has a great wardrobe!


And he simply loves spending time with his ferret friend



He sits just like a human being because of his paralysed back legs



And he’s a pro at meditating


Rexie refuses to let his disability keep him from leading a full and happy life!


What a sensational cat!