Former Feral Cat Trained Herself to Pee in Toilet! – VIDEO!

CHILE – Many cat owners would proudly brag that their pet is house-trained.

But Plomo has gone one step further and actually learned how to use the toilet.

Owner Myriam Alcayaga stated the former stray – named Plomo – asks her to open the door to the bathroom when she has to answer the call of nature.

She explained to a local paper in the northern Chilean city of Antofagasta her partner hated the animal when she first took in it because it marked its territory by urinating all over their entire house.

She first caught her pet using the toilet about three months ago after noticing it made regular trips to the bathroom – and said it had now become a real habit.

Much to her amazement, she found Plomo leaping up onto the open toilet bowl and carefully peeing over the edge and right into the water.

Miriam stated: ‘He made me laugh when I first saw him sat down weeing. He now uses the toilet every time he has a call of nature.
‘He asks me to open the bathroom door for him so he can urinate and I wait for him to finish.’

She then added: ‘He used to be a stray cat. He was very territorial and bad. He was always fighting and getting up to mischief in the local neighborhood, until one day he began to come into the house and stayed.’

The ten-year-old animal has actually made headlines in his native Chile with his feat.

Its owner also added how the cat prefers to drink milk and water out of a glass rather than from a dish.