Watch the Cutest & Funniest Pet Friendship Video You’ll See Today

Talk about unusual friendships. Louis the Pomsky and Stryker the Savannah cat are two buddies that nearly broke the Internet with their shenanigans. Most households would never keep a cat and dog together, but this friendship turned out great.

The five-year-old pomsky became best friends with Stryker against all odds. As a cross-breed with a fiery temper, its personality doesn’t exactly go well near a cat. However, the two buddies don’t mind it at all. They’ve become close friends and Internet stars after their owner posted a video of them playing online.

Based in Miami, Louis and Stryker love spending time together. As their owner Rinat Alelov posted online, they’re true BFFs. The video shows Louis and Stryker having some fun and it nearly broke the Internet as soon as it went online.

Check the best buds in action – it’s the cutest thing you’ll see today!